Topics we will cover :

  • What is serverless computing
  • Major Serverless providers in the market
  • Advantages of Serverless computing
  • Disadvantages of Serverless computing
  • Difference between Serverless vs Container
  • Use cases of Serverless and Containers
  • Is Serverless always cheaper than container?
  • Final thought(conclusion)

What is Serverless Computing?

Serveless Computing

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Serverless computing simply means using the backend service of someone else and you pay according to user basis.

In this type of computing, you don’t have to worry about hardware-software compatibility.

Serverless Computing does not mean that there is no server installed , it is just that you are not maintaining on your own .

Serverless Computing allows us to use backend services on the basis of usage. If you do not use anything you pay nothing.

It is like your wifi plan, you pay according to your usage and upgrade if you need more feature on the go.

Pricing is based on the actual amount of resources consumed by an application, rather than pre-purchased plan.

It is going to make its own place in the industry and recently big companies like Netflix, Amazon, AOL, etc.

have adopted because it is cost-effective and reliable.

Serverless Computing Architecture


Serverless Computing Growing popularity( past 6 years)

Serverless computing Google Trends

Major Serverless service providers

Serverless Service Providers

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Market share Of big companies over internet service:

CompanyMarket share, 2017Market share, 2018Growth, 2017-2018
Microsoft Azure12.7%15.5%60.9%
Google Cloud3.3%4%60.2%

Source: Gartner

1. Aws Lambda

Amazon web services (lambda) is the market leader in the field of the serverless game.


  • An obvious choice for you, if you are using other services of AWS.
  • Reliable company
  • Easy integration with other AWS services like: DynamoDb, Amazon S3, etc
  • Precise billing with AWS only charging for every 100ms of code execution

2. Google Cloud Functions


  • Autoscaling of functions is built-in, google automatically allocates the required level of resources to execute the function
  • Pricing is metered for every 100ms of code execution

3. Microsoft Azure Functions


  • Works with DevOps and Azure Pipelines for continuous integration and continuous delivery
  • Setting up Microsoft Azure functions is easy as compared to others.

4. Cloudflare Workers


  • Cloudflare network provides the ability to run across all 193 Cloudflare data centers, which can improve speed and latency
  • Cloudflare Workers mainly focuses on Javascript language programs

Advantages of Serverless Computing

cost benefit
soure: Cloudflare

1. Limited numbers of “Full-Stack” Engineers required

2. Write and deploy code faster without worrying much about server

3. Autoscaling is possible according to your need

4. Cheaper because you have to pay only when there is any code execution

5. Helps to maintain more focus on business logic rather than infrastructure

Disadvantages of Serverless computing

1. The developers are dependent on vendors for debugging and monitoring tools.

2. Architectural Complexity

3. Serverless architectures are not built for long-running processes in easy way

4. Security concern arises because the backend is entirely maintained by the vendor

5. Reliance on vendor increases as they maintain backend and switching between vendors may cause difficulty

Difference between Serverless vs Container

Serverless vs container
1. You don’t have to manage server1. You have complete control over server
2. Scales automatically with the usage 2. Autoscalling is not possible , you pay for service beforehand
3. Never pay for resources that are idle3. You have to pay for the resource that are idle
4. Infrastructure maintained by provider(aws lambda,azure etc)4. Users can control underlying infrastructure (eg- os , vm etc)
5. Can’t install any software ( eg- Webserver and app server)
=> But code libraries could be installed
5.Almost install any software
=> Even comes with pre-installed softwares

Watch this video for complete detail – youtube

Use cases of Serverless and Containers

1. Best suited when traffic is unpredictable
=> Because autoscalling is available
1.Most suited when traffic is predictable
=> You pay for the entire Vm anyway
2. Shows its power at event driven architecture
=> Gets native integration with other softwares
2. Migration to cloud is faster with other softwares

Is Serverless always cheaper than container? Not really


  • Pricing may change with time
  • Taking an example of AWS lambda and AWS Eks both from amazon
Price difference between aws and docker
Source : youtube

Serverless is not always cheaper, it totally depends upon the use case. So compare both technologies and choose which is the best fit for you because pricing could be deceptive.

Software with which you can calculate lambda pricing: visit

AWS Lambda Pricing Calculator

Disclaimer: Not sponsored, just thought of putting because it may help you

Frequently Asked Questions related to Serverless Computing :

What does it mean by serverless?

Serverless Computing is a service which provide backend facility and auto scales according to your need.

Who invented serverless ?

Serverless is developed by Austen Collins and maintained by a full-time team.

Is serverless really serverless?

serverless computing still requires servers, so the name is totally misleading.It is just that you don’t have to worry about server as it is maintained by vendor(aws lambda , google cloud functions) etc.

What are serverless functions?

Serverless functions are single-purpose, programmatic functions that are hosted on managed infrastructure.

Final thought ( Conclusion )

People always like to compare things like serverless vs container etc, We always want to find out which is better than other software out there. Unfortunately, things don’t work like that, We cannot find out directly which is better than other because every software exists for some specific purpose like – Whatsapp is available for chatting out with close friends and Instagram exists so that you could share your pictures with people, we can’t compare them directly. Same goes with web technologies, Serverless is good but it maybe not the best fit for you because everything has got its pros and cons. So choose software or any technologies out there according to your needs.

Thanks for reading my article , Comment down below will you consider using Serverless computing or what you think about this in general