Minimal website design

In this project we will create Modern looking website design.

What is Minimal website design?

Minimal website design is new website design trend.In this kind of design we try to keep things very minimal which further makes site look clean and simple.

What we are going to cover?

  • How to create modern looking website design?
  • How to create cards ?
  • How to use different type of typography?

Important aspects of Minimal Web Design :

1. Use Simple and constant color scheme

2. Use Rich yet simple typography in your design

3. Incorporate Grid design

4. Whitespaces in between to maintain focus of on main content

Reasons to use Minimal Website design :

1.Increases the site readability

2.Improves Site loading speed

3.Quick to design(Saves time)

4.Less Maintenance of design

Minimal Website Design = Less Clutter more information

Minimal website design examples :

Minimal Website Design project( with code) 2 » Csspoint101
Credit: Adam Rudzki
Minimal Website Design project( with code) 3 » Csspoint101
Credit :B

What we going to create ?

Minimal Website Design project( with code) 4 » Csspoint101
Minimal website design

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