Quick Introduction

Nearly every month we see some new framework/library in Javascript. And obviously we cannot learn every framework and not everything is worth learning.

But there is one library(actually a compiler) made by Rich Harris named “Svelte“. It is the same as React, Angular, or Vue but works differently. I will write another post regarding Svelte in depth in which we will cover it’s working, How it is different from other frameworks/Libraries.

It is getting more popular day by day and it has around 35k Github Stars. Many people want to learn Svelte (including me) but as of now, there are very few good resources available to learn Svelte.

So I collected every resource I found on Svelte.js for you people. I hope this helps.

Free Video Tutorials

This part of resources is for someone who wants to learn Svelte basics for free by watching tutorials and then invest money on Paid Courses which I have mentioned in the latter part of the post.

1.Rethinking Reactivity(By the creator of Svelte Rich Harris)

In this video, he talks a little bit about the history of programming, Discuss about Svelte, and talks about how it is different from others, etc.

2.Learn Svelte For Beginners (By Net Ninja)

This playlist is a real gold mine if you want to learn Svelte or at least get started with svelte. This playlist takes you from basics to building an intermediate polling app. I have watched this playlist and learned a lot from it. Highly recommended!

3.Svelte Basics Course (By Bitfumes Yt Channel)

This playlist is similar to Net Ninja’s playlist but it also covers animation and transition parts in a little bit depth.

4.The return of “write less, do more” (by Rich Harris)

This talk is just awesome because Rich Harris is an exceptional speaker. In this talk, he talks about why Sevlte is better in terms of the number of lines of code you have to write as compared to other frameworks.

5.Svelte Master(Youtube Channel)

Best Resources To Learn Svelte[2020]: Both Free and Paid 1 » Csspoint101

If you are looking for a project-based tutorial then this channel is good. He has got some good tutorials.

6.Svelte Tutorial – Is it better than React?(By FreeCodeCamp)

This video is great because the mentor explains things with so ease. If you want to learn the basics of Svelte in a single stretch then this video is for you.

7.Svelte Crash Course(By Traversy Media)

If you just want to know a little bit about Svelte( How it works, It’s syntax) then this Crash course by Traversy is good.

8.Let’s Learn Svelte (with Rich Harris) (By Learn With Jason)

Want to learn Svelte from its creator Rich Harris for free, then this tutorial is for you. Rich teaches us the basics of Svelte in this video tutorial.

9.Svelte 3 Crash Course for TOTAL Beginners(By DesignCourse)

This is a good crash course for Svelte.js. If you want to just know a little bit about Svelte before learning it then this video tutorial is something you should consider.

10.Svelte – Quickstart & Thorough Introduction(By MMSM)

This video is a small part of the premium Svelte course which I will put in the latter part of the post. If you are going to buy that course you should watch this video to check whether you are comfortable with the teaching style of the instructor.

11.Svelte 3 (Getting Started With Svelte.js)(By CodingTheSmartWay)

This is also a type of getting started guide video for Svelte.js. Personally I haven’t watched this video.

12.Svelte Budget Calculator Project(6hr Long)

If you’re looking for a full-fledged project-based video tutorial in Svelte.js then this video is for you. And it is not a small project, it is 6 hours long.

13.Svelte v3 – Basics – Todo App(By Andre Madarang)

It is another video tutorial that is project-based. In this tutorial, you learn to create a Todo App in Svelte.js

14.Building A Svelte 3 App (By CodingTheSmartWay)

Another Todo App Project tutorial which also teaches you about Svelte transition and other important concepts.

Posts (Written Format)

If you are someone like me who likes to read rather than a video tutorial, then this part covers well-written resources available

1.Svelte Handbook

This is by far the best article written on Svelte.js. And if you are looking for a well-written resource then you should read this article

2.Svelte Basics (Official)

This written tutorial is from the official site. This is a very interactive post because it helps you write code on the page itself and results on the other side using replt.it.

3.Dave Ceddia – Svelte intro

This post is written by Dave Ceddia and is a very detailed article. He talks about what is Svelte? And why is Svelte faster? Etc.

4.Scotch.io Getting Started Post on Svelte

Learn svelte by creating a project with this article by Scotch.io. This post will help you to get started with Svelte.js

5.Coursetro Post and Tutorial

This post teaches you about routing using servo, event-handling and other important parts of Svelte.js

6.Svelte Official Blog

Svelte’s official Blog is also a good resource that will keep you updated regarding Svelte.js latest updates.

7.Web Development Simplified With Svelte (By Mark Volkmann)

A very in-depth guide by Mark Volkmann on Svelte.js. In this post, he talks about why to consider Svelte.js and important topics like- special elements of Svelte, Using Stores, Animation, etc.

8.Svelte Docs

If we are considering a written post then we cannot leave behind official docs from Svelte. The official documentation from Svelte is very written and straight forward.

9.Learn svelte (Dev.to)

This Dev.to post teaches you Svelte by creating a Pomodoro technique app. This post is a 5 part series and very well written. Everyone should consider reading this post once.

10.Building an App with Svelte

Another great article if you want to learn svelte. This post teaches you to create a svelte app.

11.Create a blog with Svelte and DEV.to API

Learn how to create a blog with Svelte using Dev.to API. This article is really mind-blowing, I have also read this blog post. The author teaches you how to use stapper which is a server-side rendering library for Svelte (Same as Nuxt for Vue.js).

12.Svelte – 2020’s Hot New

This post talks about Svelte’s special features and why it is better than or at least as good as other frameworks out there.

Paid Courses

This part of the resources is for those who have already made up their mind that they will learn Svelte and are ready to invest a little bit of money for it.

  1. Svelte.js – The Complete Guide (incl. Sapper.js)(By Maximillian)
  2. Svelte Tutorial and Projects Course(By John Smilga)
  3. Svelte Advanced Course(By Flavio Copes)
  4. Getting Started with Svelte(By PluralSight)

I will keep updating this post with time as new resources come up. If you know of any good resources or have created content regarding Svelte, just reach out to me by emailing me at ” [email protected] “. I will add your resources to this list so that it will help our community.

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