In this post, you will get a complete list of free Lottie animations that you can use in your project free of cost!

The list comprises of 50+ animations which you can download in JSON, Mp4, or SVG format.

List of 50+ Free Lottie animations:-

1.Delivery Animation

2.Developer Writing Code Animation

3.Sending Mail Animation

4.Fly On Rocket

5.Data Analyst

6.App Click Animation

7.Notification Animation


9.Digital Marketing

10.Device Morphing


12.Data Visualization

13.People Jumping

14.Ripple Animation

15.Skeleton Frame Loading

16.QR Code Scan

17.Car Running Animation

18.App Development Animation

19.Stay At Home

20.Work From Home

21.Ripple Animation2

22.Lost Animation

23.Web Creator Animation

24.Check Done

25.Forget Password Animation

26.Deadline Animation

27.Network Error Animation

28.3D like Animation

29.Codeline Animation

30.Heart Filling

31.Rocket Launch

32.Defending With Virus

33.Dark Mode Switcher

34.Chat Writing

35.Business Team

36.Review Rating

37.Illustration Animation

38.Update Animation

39.Girl Liking Animation


41.Favourite Star Animation

42.Graphic Design


44.Girl Face

45.Fingerprint Animation

46.Veil Background Animation

47.Mobile Application

48.Heart Burst

49.Puzzle Animation

50.Plant Regrow

51.Women Chilling

52.Seo Analytics

53.Loading Percentage

54.Happy Giftbox

55.Animated Line Graph

56.Finance Icon

57.Message Notification

58.Electron Rotating On Orbit

59.Science experiment

60.Man Using A Computer

61.Man Using A Printer

62.Digital Marketing Animation2

63.Prevent Epidemic Rebound

64.Virus Attacking

65.Hand Washing Animation

This was the complete list of free Lottie animations.

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